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In less than the time it takes the average person on Fb…

The New York Times once reported that the average user spent fifty minutes a day on Facebook. 
50 minutes.

I hear lots of reasoning for why people don’t have time to read their Bible. Time is usually somewhere in the equation. 

So this morning I timed my Bible reading plan

“Oh!” You say. “You read faster than I. That’s not a valid comparison.” 

Nope, I read at the pace of the audio that I listen to as I read along. (The YouVersion has audio built in on numerous versions.)

This post is intended to get my fellow disciples to think about the time they might give God in dwelling in His Scripture

Read on fellow disciple!!! Read on! 

You can do so with ease here. It’s the gold standard M’Cheyne reading plan. 

Maybe just a great Psalm. Today is the 95th day of 2017, check out the amazing Psalm 95!

Make the time y’all! 

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