Prechewed food?

WARNING: This may be disgusting. 

I heard a preacher once say that relying on the words of man alone explaining or applying the Bible is like having someone else chew your food before you swallow it.

Gross right?

In a conversation about spiritual development, a dear old saint and I were discussing the helpfulness of Oswald Chambers. But as we talked it became clear that this was the only input she got each day.

Chambers would be, I hope, horrified. 

Human writers, the best of them are nothing more than supplements. And for a vitamin to absorb best, it should be taken with food. 

Another preacher once said, we need to be reading the Bible more than books about the Bible.

Yes, Scripture can be hard to understand sometimes. And human authors – and our clergy – can help. (If your clergy can’t, or won’t… find new clergy.) But if we keep a steady diet of Scripture flowing into our heart and mind, and invest ample time with our Father in prayer, He can use Scripture to explain and illustrate Scripture. 

(I find this Scripture explain Scripture thing happening all the time in the ‘M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan’. Check it out here )

After dinner I take my vitamin. 

After Scripture and prayer, let Chambers inspire. 

Not instead.

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