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áKempis on having time for God

In the 1400s Thomas áKempis wrote down some wisdom about spiritual development or, as I call it, personal discipleship. 

The mystical writer (thou needest not fear or shun their writings, just use discernment when reading them – like much of what is published today – – meaning you should be in the Bible sharpening your discernment more than in the words of men)  urged his readers to avoid frivolous conversation about things out of one’s control, controversies and matters of “the world.” This will, he tells his students, provide ample time for time with God. 

In other words, worry less about the cares of the world, things you cannot control, and you will have made time for looking to God. Thus, God will change your perspective on the circumstances that you can’t control anyway. You will be less anxious, less worried and more joyful.

The reverse is also true.

When focused on the woes of the world more than on the King of glory, our perspective is no different than those without hope.

Where is your hope?

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