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Vitriol in our expressions, whether implied, explicit, or inviting inference…

I looked up ‘vitriol’ just now to check the spelling. I discovered, to my surprise, that the term is used in chemical discussion. I was told to see sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric acid.

When we allow vitriol to enter our speech, online posts, etc., we are speaking sulfuric acid.

Sulfuric acid burns and disolvrs other elements.

Is that the way you want to speak? Is that the impression you wish for people to have of you? Is that what you want people to think of when they know you’re a follower of Jesus.

At a conference a couple of years back I heard speaker after speaker speak with vitriol against a government and its policies. These guys were theologians and Christian leaders. Finally a real pastor spoke about loving his enemies who happened to also be his neighbors. He spoke with a voice of love against injustice.

Yes, today, we’re surrounded by acidic speech, much of it explicit. But, lets guard our hearts, minds and mouths from joining such. 

Yes, we should speak out against injustice. But let us not become like the politicians and news media. May our calls for justice and right be voiced in love. Maybe we think them our enemy, but Jesus told us to love our enemy. 

Encourage, yes.

Exhort, yes.

Vitriol? No. Not implied, explicit or open to inference.


Not acid.

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