Noah – the movie

Intense, suspenseful, violent, at times pretty gruesome, but yes it was awesome.

While awesome, the artistic liberties taken by this film paint a non-biblical portrait of Noah and of God and of their relationship. I gotta admit, I knew there would be artistic liberties, but these did keep me from enjoying it as much as I might.

So, enjoy the movie, it is really an amazing thing to see, BUT PLEASE DON’T take your theological understanding of the flood, of God’s intentions, of the family situation (lack of two wives… wait… not gonna spoil it – too much of the suspense rides on this), of Noah’s psyche, of a lot of other stuff from this film.

It may be a blockbuster with an amazing cast (I really am glad I saw it on the big screen… it’s an amazing depiction of the flood itself), BUT after the movie, to get the real story, go read the Bible… in fact, here you go – CLICK HERE and then read for a few chapters.

Clearly my biggest concern is for the millions who will see this and may already have a negative view of God and limited or no biblical knowledge. They may walk away from this and not understand that the film does not paint an accurate picture. Amazing it is, accurate on the character of God it is not. This bugs me because, I fear this will flavor people’s perception of God. Hence, my lack of full enjoyment.

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