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how could one predict? #prayForTheOrphans

Months ago Victor Yanukovych now the hiding-in-Russia former strongman in Ukraine turned down a financial deal with the EU. Why? Tsar Vladimir (a.k.a. Comrade Putin, KGB agent) probably told him to. The Russian Tsar wanna-be, who is trying to reassemble the Slavic components of the Soviet Union into Russia one section at a time, most likely either offered Strongman Victor (of Ukraine, not to be confused with his western neighbor, Strongman Victor of Hungary) a carrot or threatened with a stick. Whichever it was that changed his mind at the last minute, Victor Y. turned down a deal with the West and found himself personally stuck between the East (Russia) and the West (everyone else who has a voice that could help Ukraine). Protests in Kyiv (Ukrainian spelling, not the Russian “Kiev”) began and went on for months until finally after a couple of sick days Victor turned the snipers loose and the Maidan looked like Sarajevo in the mid 90s. Many were injured and killed. When he realized what he had done no-longer-so-Strongman Victor fled to Russia for some R&R under the protection of Tsar Vladimir.

Meanwhile the E.U. and the U.S. make speeches, (during the protests, you may recall an assistant Secretary of State getting caught saying “F*** the EU” in a true sign of Western solidarity… her telephone call was most likely taped by the FSB (NSA style) – Tsar Vladimir’s modern version of the KGB and then put on YouTube probably by RT – the Kremlin’s favorite anti-American propaganda machine masquerading as a news channel and carried into millions of American homes… Sadly, I am afraid that there may be as many people who think this is real news as think that the NOAH movie was an accurate portrait of the biblical event – when in fact RT and the film Noah are fiction, the difference is that Noah says so – do the Americans who work at RT even realize they are part of a propaganda apparatus?) Anyway… I really digress…

So, thinking that the pen is mightier than the sword the E.U., the U.S, the U.N. and others rattle their pens (not sabers) at Russia for sending troops without insignia into Crimea and within a few short weeks annexing Crimea into Russia. Tsar Vlad’s approval rating among Russian citizens jumps from about 65% to something like 80% and Russians are seeing their Dear Leader (I borrow here from the Kim dynasty of N. Korea) as a Russian who will finally stand up to the EU and the US all the while massing who knows how many troops on two maybe three sides of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, surprisingly well equipped people (Russian speaking, well equipped, well armed, wearing no insignia – sound familiar) began causing trouble in Ukrainian cities that are actually closer to Russia than to Kyiv. These people have been causing trouble in eastern cities for weeks now, but apparently they are not locals since one band of these Russian speakers (Russian and Ukrainian are similar but not the same – a test is: can a person say a certain Ukrainian word for bread, if not, this person may not be Ukrainian at all – I know, my friends there tried in vain to teach me) broke into a building and demanded to see the mayor!!! It was the opera house. Locals? Right.

Jokes aside, the method of the take over was pretty familiar… well armed, uniformed, professional solders without insignia roll in, take over with military efficiency and then turn the “protecting” of this government installation to local “self defense forces” to maintain things.

Last week the Ukrainian PM offered an amnesty deal. The Russian speakers (hereafter known as the invaders) said no. Today we see on the news that the Ukrainian president announced the army was going in and one news report said that they had till morning to give up. All the while, just an hour or so away (at armored personnel carrier speed) Russian troops (with insignia) wait for the Tsar’s signal to go an rescue and protect ethnic Russians wherever they may be (by the way Hitler and his greater Germany and Milosevic and his greater Serbia has the same idea as the new Tsar).

With the Ukrainian army set to take those buildings back at dawn tomorrow, and the Russian army just across the border, I think again about all the orphans who are at even greater risk. This is because that every city, every region that goes to Russia puts these kids at risk because of the uncertainty that their status would be and because of the fact that Tsar Vladimir has halted all adoptions to Americans.

#prayForUkraine #prayForTheOrphans

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