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preparing for the worst in eastern Ukraine #prayForUkraine

I got on Skype with a ministry partner in Ukraine this afternoon to follow up on a report I heard on a Christian radio station this morning. That report made some pretty scary statements that have not been (and may never be) verified about Russian munitions stored near orphanages during the height of the crisis in Crimea. Don’t freak out, that, if true, is most likely over… but one thing is for sure, now that Crimea is part of Russia, the Russian adoption ban applies to children in Crimea. I learned today that there are at least four adoptions that have been stalled and will probably stop now that Crimea is under Russian law. These adoptions were at a variety of stages as American families were working to give homes to children from Crimea.

With this fact in mind, our partners are preparing for the worst… further incursions of Russia into Ukraine. Should that happen, then other adoptions will be stopped, foster family arrangements may be thrown into question and certainly the funds that the Ukrainian government provides foster families will cease if Russia take additional territory from Ukraine.

Sound far fetched? Alarmist? What might you have said in December if I told you that Crimea would be part of Russia in March?? Remember, two weeks before Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, Putin told reporters that he had no intentions on Crimea. Yeah, right.

Therefore, it is only responsible and is important for leaders in Ukraine (who have committed their lives to the plight of at-risk children in Ukraine) to collaborate and develop a plan to make sure the plight of Ukrainian orphans does not get worse. They have done so and you can learn more AND GET INVOLVED by going to www.ceokids.org and reading a plan our partners are working on.

Please, please, PRAY for Ukraine.


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