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two Vs

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” today, Putin was a big topic… from the program transcript, David Gregory:

David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker wrote a piece about Vladimir Putin, and he framed it this way, he writes, “Putin, obviously, is no democrat. Not remotely. He is not interested in the contemporary requirements of human rights. He is not interested in empowering a real legislature or ceding true independence to the courts.

“Democracy is not his interest. Stability and development—those are his themes, first and last. And Putin regards any and all attempts from the West, from human-rights organizations, and from the press to call him to account on nearly any issue as acts of anti-Russian self-righteousness and hypocrisy.”

When I heard this I thought about 2 others Vs, both Victors… one Ukrainian (Yanukovych), the other Hungarian (Orban)… go read the quote again and substitute one of their names for Putin and then you’ll see why these guys lean the way they do.

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worn out?

Chambers has some counsel for those who are worn out spiritually.

Click here

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Bosnia troubles #pray

They are counting the cost of three days of violent protests over lingering social ills.

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good soil (heart)

This morning I heard about a plant, hairy vetch that is, I was told, essentially a weed. This ground cover has the advantage of adding important nitrogen to the soil as it grows from fall until it is cut away at the next planting season. It makes the soil better.

Weeks back I read a book on humility in which the author stated, essentially, that we should consider every humiliation, no matter the source, as a way to grow in humility. In that, we are made better servants of God. As we are lowered, or lower ourselves, the soil of our heart is made better… then just now I read Mark 4:20…

…those that were sown on the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit… (ESV)

I then considered that our hearts, like soil, need constant tending and that comes working… so the humiliation that comes our way (regardless of source) can be used by God like hairy vetch, though it may seem to be just humiliation on the surface, God can use it to work our hearts into better soil. This give another layer of meaning to Romans 8:28… “…all things work together for good…”

Hang on to God, he will work in your heart, no matter the circumstance.

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Hungary troubles #pray

The other day when speaking with my Ukrainian colleague, I mentioned to him that the is some possible for more trouble in Hungary as well. As we talked I described the deal that the Hungarian PM had made with Putin for $13B worth of nuclear power deal. READ HERE. He expressed surprise that an EU country would engage in such a deal. My analysis was this:not many (any?) in the EU are seen as friends nor philosophical colleagues with the policies of the HU PM. So he looks east and finds a soul mate, if you will, in Vladimir Putin.  Indeed, the more I consider their similarities, policy wise, the more sense it make for Victor to seek out help from Vladimir.

I also told my Ukrainian friend about a Russian dissident interviewed by a USA radio network. This young woman had just returned to Moscow from Kyiv and said something like this: We Russians have just as many problems and there is just as much (or more) to protest, be Russians don’t have it in them. I admire the Ukrainians. Wow.

Will she be admiring the Hungarians after the general election in April?

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Ukraine troubles #pray

For the first time in a pretty long while I got to hear about what is happening in Ukraine from a colleague. It is a very complicated situation to be sure, and uncertainty about the future seems to prevail. He pointed me to this Russian guy’s blog with some AMAZING pics from the January trouble. CLICK HERE to see some telling photos.

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