Hungary troubles #pray

The other day when speaking with my Ukrainian colleague, I mentioned to him that the is some possible for more trouble in Hungary as well. As we talked I described the deal that the Hungarian PM had made with Putin for $13B worth of nuclear power deal. READ HERE. He expressed surprise that an EU country would engage in such a deal. My analysis was this:not many (any?) in the EU are seen as friends nor philosophical colleagues with the policies of the HU PM. So he looks east and finds a soul mate, if you will, in Vladimir Putin.  Indeed, the more I consider their similarities, policy wise, the more sense it make for Victor to seek out help from Vladimir.

I also told my Ukrainian friend about a Russian dissident interviewed by a USA radio network. This young woman had just returned to Moscow from Kyiv and said something like this: We Russians have just as many problems and there is just as much (or more) to protest, be Russians don’t have it in them. I admire the Ukrainians. Wow.

Will she be admiring the Hungarians after the general election in April?

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