Hearts Grown Brutal


I am reading this book alongside The Bridge on the Drina (yesterday’s post). This is a different kind of book.

The subject is broader – Yugoslavia, not simply a town in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its about a family, not the changing culture surrounding a bridge over 300+ years.

While yet unfinished. I’ve gotten far enough to know some of its value. That is, how the broader international issues impact individuals, namely the collapse of two empires after WWI, which created a vacuum, into which flowed more brutality through WWII, post war oppression and the wars that broke up Yugoslavia. This is not really new brutality, but the methods are more modern and more widely reported… yet largely ignored by the outside world.

Which raises the question: How have we become desensitized over time to brutality?

How desensitized are we?

What should we do about it?

How does the Gospel inform us and change us?

How does that change affect what we do about injustice?

I guess what I’m asking is, have our hearts grown brutal?

If so, we need to seek God’s change in our hearts.

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