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Sometimes the best thing to do with a slow or struggling PC is just to turn it off count to 10 and turn it back on. We just get too much stuff going at the same time and stuff starts messing up and we need to shut it down, let it rest and start over. I think humans are like that too. They need to turn off and rest. reboot.

I was talking to an old friend recently who said that prayer and Scripture are dry. It would appear that this is true from time to time for us all. Well, at least those who pay attention to such things.

So, what do you do when this happens? Well, I suggest a reboot.

People in vocational (paid) ministry that are in ‘secure’ positions often have the ability to take a ‘sabbatical.’ These sabbaticals sometimes last a couple of (or a few) months. Its kinda like when someone gets sent to rehab for this or that. They often don’t go until they are in trouble with burnout, but for many, its too late. I was once told that many (most?) ministry leaders wait until its too late and change jobs soon after the sabbatical. The have burned out too far. Oh, they CHANGE jobs, not just churches. They go sell insurance or something (this is not a slam on selling insurance, I happen to like my insurance guy).

But for most people, that is all totally impractical anyway, the whole taking a couple of months off.

So, I thought I would suggest the idea of what I call a “sabbath rest.” Back in the summer I took one. The background is that I had been physically unwell and blah, blah, blah and was asked the question “Can you take 2 weeks off?” I thought about it and over a couple of months a plan developed that wound up being a 10 day (which is only 1 day longer than a week of vacation with weekends on each end) sabbath rest.

Over the next period of time (‘cuz I don’t know how long this will take) I will be posting how I did that and how you might profit from it. Stay tuned. This is te first and the other post will be in the category “rest.”

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