Transition #thankful !

Today I leave the cell.

For the last 11 days I have practiced a higher degree of solitude and silence than I ever have.  I have had limited social contact with some select friends here, and an almost daily conversation with my sweet Anna.
I have, as one of the goals of this Sabbath rest (as I’ve dubbed it) been very limited in screen interaction, very little e-mail, NO Facebook (didn’t miss it, so zero sacrifice there), Twitter was source of news and helpful articles. For the month before the Sabbath Rest began, I  unsubscribed and unfollowed a ton of stuff to limit distraction. That trimming of distraction will be left in place.

I had a health goal as well and I’ve walked 16 measured miles and probably another 10+ miles on many prayer walks. The prayer walks have taught me about longer deeper praying than ever before. Last Wednesday I prayer walked/rode from one end of Buda to the other. God works in our hearts when we focus on talking to Him. The result of the combination of ample rest, daily excerise and being 5+ weeks into an 8 week medication regimen, thankfully, is that I have been tick disease symptom free for six weeks and I feel consistently stronger than I have in 16 months. Thanks be to God.

In addition to normal morning reading I’ve been working through a book using writers from the past. I’ve been challenged by Luther, Pascal, Kierkegaard, Calvin and others in my spiritual discipline. I have, thankfully, been reminded of what a wretched man I am and, thanks to Paul in Romans, this body of death has been rescued by Jesus Christ our Lord. Indeed, thanks be to God!

I’ve gotten a couple of chapters written in my novel and made some progress in Brothers K. I read a brand new novel by my friend Luke Davis. God gave me _Litany of Secrets_ at the right moment… since it was a page-turner it got me in the reading groove (get in on Amazon) which was important. After a couple of go go weeks, Luke’s novel made me sit still. Maybe you need to sit still?

So, I’ve left the cell and am on my way to Lake Balaton for 3 1/2 days . I’m giving some devotional talks to DelPest church summer camp. My topic, appropriately enough, is “distraction.”

So, from the city, I’m off to the lake. A bit more sun and exercise. More study, prayer and to give a nightly talk after supper.


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