summation so far

“Christ says. ‘Give me all. I don’t want so much of your time, money, and work. I want YOU.'”
– C. S. Lewis

This is from Mere Christianity. In it is a plain language summation of what I am learning in this brief time of Sabbath rest. This morning the light came back on.

Through lots of prayer, not as much reading as I thought, lots of quiet and silence (the studio/one room flat I’m in has not become a hermitage or a prison, it is, nonetheless a cell, perfect for this moment in time), I have come back to the simple fact that my calling is to obey the greatest commandment: “to love God with heart, soul, mind and strength” To listen to His voice, and to hear and view ALL others by His.

It took some dedicated rest, excercise, study, solitude and lots of prayer to return to the fact that if I hold fast to Jesus (as Hebrews warns) I will not “drift away.” AND that THIS is my calling: to hold fast.

I am reminded that when I put my eyes on plans and my future and try to figure out the next thing (Matt. 6.25 ff) that my sinful nature (Rom. 7) gently, ever so gently moves me from the target (which is clinging to the daily, hourly and moment by moment mercy and grace of Jesus), when this gentile movement off target happens, peace disappates… so slowly that you won’t realize it until full blown anxiety has kicked in.

Indeed with Jesus work and promise as my foundation…
I look not with regret at the past, nor look with fear in the now, but forward with my trust in God.

[a “draft”, posted using one finger and no spell check, which is to be updated when next online with a computer]

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