“progress – part 2” or “What is the cost of a well run railroad?”

My post Tuesday, about my friend who lost his job, has me thinking about the cost of a well run railroad.

On my just-completed trip abroad I noticed something. The already well run railroad was being run better (I like like trains, it’s my opinion – its my blog).  I noticed that the people in the ticket windows (I still buy my ticket from the person in the ticket window not from the Internet, thank you) and the conductors on the trains were younger and, in my opinion, a bit more professional.

I noticed it over a couple of weeks and then mentioned my observation to a friend of mine who keeps up with these kinds of things. He told me there was some sort of forced early retirement that had opened up a lot of jobs for the younger folks, cost savings you see. Airline flight attendants have been striking about similar actions for years (and we flying public, pay a price too, I might add). When I first heard this, about the jobs thing, and considered the fact that my own experience had been improved, I was satisfied…

Then Tuesday happened…

Now I wonder.

I wonder about my desire for expediency.

Look, I am glad of the increased professionalism on the trains and am glad that those younger people have jobs… but I wonder. I wonder about moving older people out of the way (who are my age – just to be clear and objective) for the sake of younger people. And I wonder most of all about my own “ends justifies the means” position I had a few weeks ago when I learned about this.

All of us, especially I, need to be very careful of thinking that we have it figured out.

We also need to be careful not to put our “vision”, our “movement”, our “cause” or “calling”, ahead of people.

I do not believe that in God’s eyes, vision, movement, or calling, no matter how important the cause, comes before people. He said we are all precious.

I don’t want to be that guy who cares more about my mission than I do about a person. I’m not sure that is actually building God’s Kingdom.

I think, when I put my “cause” ahead of people, I may very well be building my own kingdom.

I need to be careful.

I need to put people ahead of my “cause.”

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