Happy Easter!
The King has risen and sits on His throne. Thanks be to God!

I arose with the alarm at seven. It was six according to body clock, but we moved forward last night. I had decided to go to DelPest church. It is totally Hungarian, no English. Why?

Well, today I had no preaching assignment. But I know this church and many of its folks I consider friends. There are several English speaking churches in town. But I chose a church with faces I knew that I could greet and wish a blessing upon and receive a blessing from without English. I figured that to be in fellowship in Hungarian with people I know (without knowing exactly what Laci was preaching ) was better than hearing English with people who were unknown to me.

I was right. As it turns out, I could tell from the text (Matt. 5:38-48), the faces of my fellow worshippers, the preacher’s expressions and the odd word here and there that these hard words of Jesus were being preached… with care. So, I did get it. I decided that my job was to pray as Laci preached.

Afterward, there were encouraging conversations and a lunch invitation!

Yeah, I made the right decision. A strong word preached, fellowship and extended time with fellow followers of the risen Jesus.

Yes, it is a distant second to being home with family on Becca’s 30th, I missed them dearly this morning.
Happy Birthday Becca!
But, I am content in the Lord.
Thanks be to God.

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