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Market Saturday – Osijek


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March 9, 2013 · 14:34

saga of the broken tooth

WARNING: this post contains a personal story that may bore you, consider yourself warned and don’t complain if you hate it. (Maybe you should unsubscribe?)

Almost a month ago I had a fight with an olive pit and the pit won. A tooth was fractured and needed a crown. Problem was that in USA crowns take longer than I had before I headed over here to the Heartland. The dentist who looked at it knew I get my work done in Hungary, so he wrote some stuff up for me to email ahead of time and an x-ray to send over as well. So an appointment was set to begin the work on the crown.

In the meantime I learned that my symptoms sounded like a root canal might be needed, but, as I was advised by an expert, the crown comes first and then you will know. So I soldiered on, eating on one side of my mouth and avoiding hot or cold. I arrived in the Heartland a week and a half later and had left myself some brief scheduling gaps for this tooth fixing business. After the work for the temporary crown was done, we were expecting (I broke rule 1, huh?) that the root canal could wait until I got home. Um, nope.

The night of the crown I found that my jaw was really tender. The next night it hurt and two nights later I made the mistake of trying to eat some really hot soup, wow, did I pay for that. Not even the break itself hurt that bad. I write a good friend who is an expert and he told me I might not be able to wait till I get home to USA. I contacted my dentist and she asked me some different questions and told me to come in that afternoon and we would get started on the root canal.

I have heard of people getting root canals most of my life but I didn’t really know what they were. I just knew that people talked about how much pain is involved. They were not kidding. But God blessed me with a dentist who was very sensitive to my pain. 

Now here is why I tell the story, in the end I essentially lost three days of work time due to this event. But because of the amazing work of my dentist, I am back on the road and have left Hungary for Croatia. On the train I was reviewing my TRIP PLAN and realized something pretty cool. These three days were pretty light, there was a plan but no actual appointments scheduled. As I considered this, I was thankful afresh because these “open” days fell at just the right time. 

When I build a Trip Plan, I ask people to pray that it would be guided by God in the planning as well as the actual events. There was no tooth even planned, but there was time available. God was clearly guiding the plan. This was an answer to prayer.

I brought a bunch of copies of Tyranny of the Urgent with me to give to some of the leaders here. In it Hummel talks about praying into our planning in a systematic manner, Since God is in the prayer answering business, if you bring your planning into your conversations with him, He may help you plan in ways you cannot foresee, I did.

The last point is provision. I am amazed that God supplied me with a dentist that was willing to go out of her way to make time to take care of this. She understood I needed to move here and there and put that, and my well being of course, ahead of some other considerations.

Look around today, look and see and you will find that God is at work in was you cannot plan or supply, and be thankful.

Posted in a rush… to be cleaned up.

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