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2013 Gathering has begun in spite of…

God has brought us through the following events, which, in total could have prevented our gathering: a broken tooth (mine, that required a crown and then a root canal); the death of one of our partner’s beloved grandfather; my Anna’s delayed arrival to Zagreb; one of our partners getting the flu; one of our partner’s substitute preacher cancelling and the discovery that two of their children did not have up-to-date passports; the partner who caught the flu coming home from teaching and discovering that her flat had been broken into and her computer and camera stolen; my catching the flu and then, on the very day for travel to this event, a late winter storm made the bus ride from Budapest to eastern Croatia treacherous. READ

But through all that, and more, God has brought us here to gather for fellowship and to be reminded that we are precious to Him and need to return to Him. I believe that because we are praying, God is answering. So this weekend, please pray, and PLEASE keep praying.

We are so grateful that you will pray.

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