timeless thinker, mere Christian

C. S. Lewis died on this date in 1963. Lewis seems to be a timeless thinker and writer. Many influential writers today acknowledge Lewis’ impact on them, or, at least his thinking comes through in their ideas, this is the mark of a classic writer, a writer whose ideas are biblical and stand the test of time.

His death, and the death of Huxley who also died on the same day, was eclipsed by the death of JFK. Kreeft wrote a dialogue which ensued on their arrival at the afterlife that examined their philosophies (I found the end of this book, while interesting, quite unsatisfying).

Nonetheless, Lewis’ impact hasn’t faded, but I hope young and younger readers will stretch beyond their beloved Narnia to, at least Mere Christianity.

So, on this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful that God sent Jack to us. And I hope people will read him so he can turn their head back to God.

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  1. I love reading C.S. Lewis. 🙂

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