Reflecting… second week…

I write this as I fly back to Budapest on Friday… I post when I find wifi.

This morning, after staying with my first Ukranian friends, Roman and Natashya


I began with a visit to Father’s House… now CEO’s longest partner ministry abroad. As my previous post indicated, it was amazing to see Sasha after all these years… to see him serving God makes all the trips, praying, and fund raising truly worth it!

It was great to get to have extensive meetings about vision, mission and how God does all that with my fellow disciple Ruslan.

The 2 hour discussion with the two Morman boys was enlightening to me. They have no idea why they believe what they believe. My heart goes out to these two guys (19 & 21) who kept going back to what they’ve been told and have not thought critically about what they are spending 2 years purporting in Ukraine. I hope they will one day receive the true Grace of Jesus.

My heart also went out to the kids at the Stream of Love camp. They were 13-16 and it would seem that about 30% of them did not yet know Jesus. I did my best to sow the seeds of the Gospel into their hearts and minds with the aid of Lily, my God-provided translator.

This is the 10th camp season of the camp ministry since God provided the funds to buy the camp and secure its future ministry. I thank God for the thousands of people (kids, teens, young adults, grannys, single mom’s, the Deaf and the physically handicapped) who have had the opportunity to rest, have fun, and grow closer to God there. With the new, young leadership there should be plenty more years of ministry. I was so pleased at the condition of the grounds, the continuing upgrading of the buildings and the energy that the young staff bring!

I had a blast playing volleyball with these guys…


…and am hugely encouraged by the camp’s leadership by Sveta and Yuri…


So, it was a great week! Next up: back to Szeged… teaching/preaching about the difference between guilt and conviction.


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2 responses to “Reflecting… second week…

  1. Carrie Souter

    Isn’t it interesting how God reassured you (in your visits to old faithful friends) and challenged you (with the Mormon young men) in a short period of time? Your post reads of the stark contrast between believers and those who know their religion. Surely this is why we are called not just to speak of our faith but to live it. The seeds you have sown over the years are a great testimony to the power of the Spirit and the Lord’s light shining through you! God bless you as you continue traveling.

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