What if…

What if you could only get on-line once a day. How would that effect you? How would you deal with wondering if this or that had happened? Did so and so agree to do X? What is going on with this or that project? Where can I find a secure wifi connection to do my banking? Sound’s odd in 2012 doesn’t it? Well, right now and for the foreseeable future, that is part of my deal. I step into and linger at my local Starbucks or McDonald’s to give my phone time to connect to wifi and update email, and, in the case of today, this post, which I wrote ahead of time.
I am thankful for free wifi and my phone’s technology! God is good. But if you’ve wondered why I don’t respond to you as quickly as I did at home, now you know why.

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  1. Tory

    It is hard to imagine that just 4 years ago I would leave my home and not be able to connect to internet or check email or FB and now….. oh my! I don’t know what to do with myself without it and my iPad. And Laptop. And….

    It’s a great tool, and I do enjoy the technology. Glad it enables you to communicate even so far away.

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