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Last Lewis Interview???

Here is what is thought to be the last published interview with C.S.Lewis from 1963.

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April 22, 2012 · 17:46

remembering a changed man

Early in “the second half of my life” I read some of the writings of Church Colson. I remembered Watergate, Nixon, etc. It was so meaningful to me to hear of the story of such a changed man. God is indeed faithful. God does work. Be patient, God is working. He isn’t finished with any of us yet. Trust in God.

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Facebook threatens solitude? important reading for the weekend

In the most recent issue of The Atlantic, Stephen Marchie asserts: “A considerable part of Facebook’s appeal stems from its miraculous fusion of distance with intimacy, or the illusion of distance with the illusion of intimacy. Our online communities become engines of self-image, and self-image becomes the engine of community. The real danger with Facebook is not that it allows us to isolate ourselves, but that by mixing our appetite for isolation with our vanity, it threatens to alter the very nature of solitude.”

If you know my thinking at all, you know how much I value solitude  There is a great deal of thoughtful questions and important things for users of social media to contemplate in this article. The problem that I have set up for you is that you will be looking at the article via computer (unless you go buy the issue). This is a problem because you may be interrupted in your reading this article by this and that alert from your social networking buddies.

If you give this a thorough and fair reading you, like I did, may discover you need to rethink the time you spend looking at this screen. The irony of this statement is not lost to me.

So, here’s my suggestion: Close all other tabs, and once you are no longer going to be chatted on Skype, messaged on Fb, direct messaged on Twitter or whatever, CLICK HERE.

Then close the window and think about what you read and then, get in the actual presence (not virtual) of someone and talk about it.


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Blue Like Jazz: THE MOVIE

pic: Roadside Attractions

“The film doesn’t show skeptics anything distinctive about Christianity. And it tells believers not to share what they know, but instead to apologize for it.” -from “Why ‘Blue Like Jazz’ Won’t Save Christian Cinema” ELEANOR BARKHORN in The Atlantic CLICK TO READ HERE

An interesting article that may have warned me from seeing it… will it even come to the ‘ville?


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making meaning or making money?


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Budapest vs. EU

The Economist has written about Hungary’s troubles with Europe… no big new news, but a good summary of where things stand. However, I was struck by this statement… “it was hard not to feel that Hungary was part of a [EU] giant sausage-making machine from which there is no escape” … READ the full text HERE.

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