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falling in a hole

ever fall in a hole? ever not know how to get out of that hole?

Image: Odessa American/Odessa, Texas

 Back in 1987 a toddler fell in a hole for 50+ hours and survived to be rescued. People pulled her out.

Sometimes we fall into a hole of the mind, emotion, soul or spirit… choose the work you like best… We need friends to get us out of that hole. We need to have friendships, that we have nurtured, that have given friends permission to speak into our lives… the best words that can come to us during those times are words that speak to our self-doubt and our fear.

I have found that the Scripture has an incredible wealth of encouragement to keep me out of a hole or to help me out when I fall in one… Here are some that help me… CLICK HERE

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hunger striking Yulia

“it seems deeply unlikely that the regime of Viktor Yanukovich, Ukraine’s president, would go so far as to kill Ms Tymoshenko…”

or so says The Economist, CLICK HERE for the full atricle

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