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to be clear, honor in Hungary?

“Eastern Approaches” a blog of The Economist had two posts on the president of Hungary in the last week. (The president in Hungary is the head of state not the head of government .. that’s the prime minister… think Queen Elizabeth as head of state in the UK… just FYI)

Back on the 27th, this was the post which told the story of a faked degree…  CLICK HERE

YESTERDAY the blog reported the latest news about the embattled president… CLICK HERE

To be clear, I have many friends in Hungary, there IS honor in Hungary. But this is, sadly, I am afraid, setting a terrible precedent for the young and those trying to make ends meet. To be clear, Hungarians deserve better, they deserve honor..

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on a donkey, no kidding

Now, I know today is April 1 and that in the USA (at least) its a day to say “your hair is on fire” and then say “April Fool”! (oh no, what have I started?)

BUT, today is, much more importantly, Palm Sunday. We celebrate and remember the day when Jesus rode in on a donkey…

which I learned recently is an animal of peace in some eastern cultures. So Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who came to bring us Peace (from Grace), came into Jerusalem, to the cheers of many people, and rode into town on a donkey.

No kidding.

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