Blue Like Jazz: THE MOVIE

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“The film doesn’t show skeptics anything distinctive about Christianity. And it tells believers not to share what they know, but instead to apologize for it.” -from “Why ‘Blue Like Jazz’ Won’t Save Christian Cinema” ELEANOR BARKHORN in The Atlantic CLICK TO READ HERE

An interesting article that may have warned me from seeing it… will it even come to the ‘ville?


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3 responses to “Blue Like Jazz: THE MOVIE

  1. Tory

    I read that article a few days ago. I haven’t watched the film (even though it is playing in my hometown) but enjoyed the book, though it caused me to question a few things.

    Maybe I’ll have to go to the movie theatre and watch it. But then I’ll probably really want to discuss and ask my questions!

  2. Tory

    Ha, yes, the differences between “film” and “movie”. It might be awhile before I can comment on the movie; I so rarely see movies these days. I’d love to hear your impressions as well.

    As far as the article, it made me wonder just how and why it is that the Church has such and identity crisis and why so many Christians are leaving it and see only the negative that we must explain and apologize for. My own church had an Easter Egg hunt where we invited the community and on a few of my cards to my non-christian neighbors, I found myself wanting to assure them it was “just an egg hunt” with no hidden agenda and then I began wondering….. why I felt it so necessary to say that?

    In my church it is often quoted that we want to “make the Good News good again” but how to go about that, and what to say, is often something I wrestle with.

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