Apple or Google?

Are you Apple or Google is the interesting question in this blog post I was just sent… CLICK HERE.


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4 responses to “Apple or Google?

  1. Tory

    I agree with this; being in a small church it seems like the people really want to do a lot but it is always so much better when it is pared back. We then have more volunteers, more participants, more enthusiasm and we really can dedicate more resources and time to do our endeavors with the excellence that it deserves.
    There is definitely much wisdom in doing a few things extremely well and being known for them.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Agreed. Local churches (and private schools) are notorious for spreading people way too thin… I want there to be excitement, but I want it to flow from depth in God through discipleship not because of guilt of not being in this or that program.
      I was having a conversation with a leader recently who was being critical that their church didn’t do this or that… but my response is that if a local church is focused on being and making disciples, they will see ministry flow naturally rather than from the desire to do this or that…

  2. Loved this! It is so easy to see so many needs, and often, to feel guilt if we don’t fill as many needed roles as possible. But then, none of them are getting the best of us, are they?

    • right, I tend to be google and I really need to work on that… though some of that is calling related, I need to focus… I’m heading away for a professional retreat soon, perhaps I will do the exercise Jobs had his people do…

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