tear gas is called that for a reason

So today I (JUST me, not the girls) went to a wedding here in good ole Budapest. It was over in the middle of town and after the wedding, I headed back to take care of biz-ness. I got on the tram and it went one stop and ended on King St. Huh? I said to myself. So I decided to walk to where I knew a bus would take me to Joanna’s flat. But NOOOOO, not today. when I got to the eight sided plaza the riot police had a bunch of anti-gay protesters rounded up in baracades. Well, seeing and hearing the commotion was enough for me, so I pretty quickly began looking for a route around the bedlum. But noooooo, the riot gear wearing police had ALL the routes blocked off. One wasn’t even allowed to walk up either of the main thoroughfares to avoid the ruckus. SO at one point some of these right wing anti gay folks began throwing water bottles (full no less) at the riot gear laden police. This was kinda dumb cuz it wouldn’t bother the police at all and they WAY overshot their target and almost hit some onlookers – who, like me, were by this time just about trapped – who began to see the hazards and tried to leave the area… just about then we hear pop pop pop and see this stream of troopers stream into the crowd and the crowd of hooligans began to scatter but the cops got their man, or at least they got somebody, and then I noticed people coughing and that’s when I noticed my eyes were watering and my throat was scratchy and I realized the pops were tear gas. By this time I was in the middle of the baracades – and note – I’m in a coat and tie so I stood out more than usual, I went up to one of the leaders of the riot police and talked him into letting me go up a side street away from the trouble. What a day not to have a camera! oh well… and remember, they call it tear gas for a reason!

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  1. Marcsi

    and we, hungarian say that we’re not the Balcan. But yes, we definitely are.

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