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About a month ago over on, I announced that we were in need of $12,000 to finish our financial year in good condition. I am pretty excited that as of right now that need is down to $2,200! Would you consider making a gift to our cause? You can find out how to help out HERE. Your participation in helping us reach our goal would be appreciated! Here is a list of things I observed on my just completed trip which motivated me on to further service… God is at work:

– At a gathering in southern Hungary, believers from four different churches and three university ministries joined for singing, prayer and teaching; our hope is that this is just the beginning of such gatherings of Christians worshiping and serving in unity in this city;
– In a public forum on the Bible in a library in northern Serbia, I was delighted to be able to answer this question from an attendee: What is the difference between what you are describing (the Gospel based in a trustworthy Bible) and religion?
– At a gathering of students in Hungary, a young woman told her teacher that she has serious questions about God that she wants answers to; we thank God for creating safe places for conversation about Him in cultures where these kind of safe and open conversations are seldom;
– I was blessed to preach about loving our enemies at a prayer meeting in a church in Ukraine, and to witness the incredible time of prayer and confession that followed;
– While visiting our partners in Croatia, I was encouraged by what great teachers they are and how they are using relationships with their students to pave the way for the Gospel;
– Young adults invested a weekend of their time to do maintenance on a camp which serves hundreds of children, pensioners and the handicapped in a summer full of programs. We are thankful to God for this continuing ministry that He used CEO to help establish in Ukraine a decade ago;
– During visits to shelters for abandoned children in rural Ukraine, I was reminded of the great need for these ministries and the great good that God is doing in these young people;
– In six cities, I found that hearts were receptive to sermons calling churches to make disciples, not just converts, and while sitting in kitchens, living rooms and cafes, I was able to counsel with pastors, leaders and students about how the gospel of Jesus brings wholeness in every part of our lives.

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