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no matter what

The phone rang yesterday morning and it was one of our colleagues in Budapest. As soon as I heard her voice, I knew there was trouble. I was right. Our Joanna had been sledding with some children she was tending to for a few days and somehow the sled flipped over or something and she seriously injured her ankle. An ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital with, what turns out to be, a serious fracture to her ankle. After x-rays, it was determined that surgery was necessary. Sometime after midnight (her time) the surgery began. At about 345am she call Will to let him know all went well and she was back in her room. This morning we learned that they put several screws in her leg. It appears that recovery will be in the order of six weeks.

Just now I sat down for my morning conversation with God. He took me right to Hab. 3.17-18. In prayer, I remembered this: God is good. God is good if I’m poor or if I’m rich. God is good if I’m debilitated for life or if I’m healed. It is not what God does for me that makes God good.

Indeed it is simply that God is good. Period. No matter what.

We experience and hear amazing stories of God’s faithful provision, of God’s great works of healing. God is an amazing God of mercy. He often bails us out when we don’t deserve to be bailed out. Indeed the tomb is empty because of his mercy, not our deserving.

We need reminding from time to time that God is good, no matter what. Thanks be to God for who He is. Amen.

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