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please continue to pray

I have updated the prayer and answer list HERE.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have been and continue to pray for Óbuda. Óbuda is a very old and historic community in Budapest. It is home to many of Budapest’s Roman ruins including a good sized amphitheater. In the center of Óbuda, near the 300+ year old town center, among the ruins of the Roman legion’s barracks and baths is Flórián tér. have been praying for this spot for a number of months and have been praying in and around the shopping center this week and will continue to do so next week. Flórián tér is a crossroads for public transportation and for several major streets and roads.

I pray over this community because I realized that the places God has placed us in schools and housing are nearby. It would appear that He has placed us here and so I pray about furthering the Gospel presence here. So I would ask you to pray too. Here is a Gmaps image:


As best as we can tell, here are two facts:

1. there are about 60,000 people in this large community, which comprises about half of Budapest’s 3rd district (the 2nd most populous), and it is under 3 miles north to south and 1 mile east to west.

2. there is no Gospel based ministry reaching out to this community… oh, there are churches whose bells ring through the day (as I write, the noon bells are ringing furiously), but attendance is not great and in my three and a half years of being in this community, I have seen no evidence of any missional outreach to the community.

So, please join me in prayer for Óbuda and especially for Flórián tér, a place through and by which tens of thousands pass each day.

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