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2011: Praying Into Living

If you have had a conversation with me about prayer in the last six months or so, you know that I have been thinking about and trying to learn how to practice a discipline called “praying into my work” instead of praying about a list of things to do.

I am currently on a trip to our field in Europe and invested the first three weeks of the trip in Ukraine, Serbia and Hungary. I visited partners and friends in Kyiv, Vinnitsya, Vac, Budapest, Szeged and Subotica. On this trip I have been privilaged to speak to churches with hundreds of people and a handful of people and visit a handful of schools that have CEO teachers. That all ended about 11 days ago as Sweet Anna and Becca arrived and family time began just before Christmas. We had a great time in Budapest and had Christmas at Joanna’s place in Budapest, Joanna’s fiancée Will was present too, as well as one of her roommates, Kirsten. Before and after Christmas, we spent our days relaxing and walking around the city. There were many wonderful times together.

Today, Anna is flying home and I have begun a week of intentional prayer. I will not be cloistered in solitude the whole time, but a larger part of time will be given to “praying into” 2011. This is not praying about 2011 so much as it is putting myself into a place of prayer so that I can hear God through Scripture, the still small voice, experiences and the confirming words of others. This process has already begun as I pray to God and listen to Scripture read aloud and memorize Scripture, look at a map of Budapest, a list of names of partners and friends and ideas on serving and as I gaze out onto the apartment buildings of the 3rd district of Budapest and ask God to reach them.

That process has brought me to a prayer and then prayers that pray more specifically into details toward that prayer… it is a process that is general enough for all of us who are followers of Jesus… you can see its current draft HERE.


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