firm foundation

Jesus said to dig deep and lay your foundation on rock.

I think about Budapest (surprise, surprise) and think of the old 19th century neighborhood (now gone) and how it was pulled down for “commie-condos” and the building of on ramps for a new bridge across the Duna (Danube).

As they dug deep, they found Roman ruins that had been covered up by two millennia of sediment as the mighty river flooded each spring (pre-flood control). Upon discovery, the archaeologists, architects, and engineers joined forces to construct the on ramps, roads and pedestrian subway and allow the ruins (at least some of them) to co-exist with modern structures for future generations to see.
They dug deep to lay the foundation on rock. What they found was amazing, indeed historic. It changed their plans, it made them rethink and think about the past as well as the future.
What we find, IF we will dig deep in prayer and the Scripture, is truth in Jesus that should cause us to pause and look back, forward and at the present. He is the great archaeologist, architect and engineer of our soul. We dig and open up, He is the stone, He builds us for future generations to see as a bridge to Him.

we all, including (especially) politicians, need to think deeply about this and God will give us understanding

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