Hurt – Perriello Debate

Before the debate: The polarized political situation in the USA is such that every election is important. It is my understanding that Virginia’s 5th congressional district is close enough that it is one of only a few (9?) that the Democratic party’s congressional political arm are investing in. But tv is COVERED with attack adds. These ads are not just put up by the candidates but by the Republican congressional group, the Sierra Club, the Democratic congressional group, DNC and RNC. I’ve gotten a call from SOMEBODY every day for several weeks. I felt sorry for one guy who could hardly read the questions and mis-pronounced BOTH guys names (why is Hurt hard to say?) Yesterday, when the Dem guy called, he knew I was undecided and wanted to make sure I watched the debate. Last night I decided I wanted to be at the debate live, so here I am. The PVCC auditorium is packed, my guess is that the crowd will lean for Perriello. I hope to walk out of here “decided.”
After the debate, I remain undecided, hmmmm… maybe a write in? revtomtravels to DC?

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