a few meaningful books #1

A few days ago a friend with whom I worked a few years back ask what I’ve been reading. That set me to thinking. So over the next few posts, I will briefly mention books that have been meaningful to me in the last year.

The first (pictured here) is one that I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about here before. This book struck me because the author brings an important era to life through her recollections as a child. It is not great but it puts a very human face on the post WW2 Hungarian experience. This story helped me deepen my understanding of the trauma of living in communist Europe in the 20th century and thus deepen my understanding of one of the peoples I feel called to.

The second book is not pictured because it was borrowed and I have yet to acquire my own copy, but it really was valuable to me, _The Autobiography of George Mueller_ is about a life of a man changed who learns to live a life of prayer and trust God to provide for the needs of life. The one thing I learned from Mueller is that we need to “pray like its all up to God and work like its all up to us.” This book I will find and read again.

There, these two make the first installment in my meaningful books of the last year series.

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