lists vs multi-tasking

I was listening to the BBC this morning and there was this commentary by a reporter who talked about losing memory, multi-tasking and make lists. I couldn’t get the reporters name as I was busy shaving and had no way to write down any info. But the point was simple: making a simple list of things to do and finishing one thing before moving on to the next is more efficient than multi-taking. She even talked about the time wasted, as she said, “checking email sixteen times a minute.” I was stuck at a desk for several hours today and discovered that if I sign out of communication applications while try to work on the list of things to do, I was, or at least seemed to be, more productive. Are you thinking about your lack of productivity? Maybe you need to turn off the communications applications and focus for a while and then set a couple of times a day to check the email, read the latest Tweets and see who has posted what on your Facebook. (related stuff here and here)

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