tears on the public

(Fb? go to original post) Going from one end of town to the other last evening, I had an interesting experience on the public transit.

On the M3, I sat across from a Roma family all the way from Arpad Hid to when I got off at Hatar u. station. When I got on, I noticed that the man of the family was having a – shall we say – animated – conversation with another man across the car from him. Two stops later, this other man gets off and I noticed that the woman of this family begins speaking with her man. Around them are two teen aged girls, one of whom is holding a baby and the other trying to sleep, and a boy of about 8. The woman becomes more agitated and I surmised from the gestures that she made that she was referring to the earlier conversation and as she spoke, tears began to fall down her cheeks. The man seemed to reply to her in a soft manner. The tears continued to fall. My stop came up, I got off.

I walked to the 50 tram and found a seat. It was one of those three seat sections near the door, I was next to a small quiet man. In front of him was a trolley like folks use for their marketing. On the platform outside was a woman smoking a cigarette waiting for the buzzer that indicated that the doors were about to close. In the doorway stood a woman on her phone. The buzzer sounded, the smoker got on the tram and sat down next to the shopping trolley. In a moment the talking woman came over and grabbed the trolley. Smoking woman got up and phoning woman sat down very triumphantly. Then she began to try to sms (text) and tried to make a call or two. She was clearly frustrated about something. She put her glasses and phone away, gave a heaving sigh and wiped a tear from her eye. She got off at the next stop.

Replacing her and the small man was a family. The man of this family sat down alone across the aisle and his small wife and teen aged son stood for a brief moment and then without communication she moved to the seat next to me and her son across from her. I watched their interaction. The son was agitated, as sons get when they fear for their mother’s well being. I could sense their tension. I could see that she was trying to assure her boy that “it was okay.” The man got up abruptly and got off, they followed silently.

I was struck by these encounters. I saw their need. The need of common people. The need of the oppressed, especially women. They need Grace, they need Peace. That which comes through the Gospel.

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