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I am catching up on health care stuff since I have been away. The FT of London seems to think that it passes because the president got to work and finally started guiding it instead of depending on the congress to figure it out. Committees.  I am also hearing that the nation is divided right down the middle on health care. No surprise there. The nation seems to be divided right down the middle on most every issue. Divided. So the health care plan has passed and there will be a period of time where people figure out how it affects them. Then, there will be adaptation. I was asked what I thought about the requirement to have health insurance. My response? They make you buy car insurance, don’t they? Isn’t is irresponsible to be an uninsured driver? Why isn’t it irresponsible to refuse to buy health insurance? As self-employed people, we chose a high deductible plan to keep the monthly premium down, its a viable option. There are possibilities out there. But when people refuse to be responsible and their irresponsibility costs the rest of us (through their getting treatment at tax payer expense because they have no insurance), then the government should take action. They have. Will it help? We’ll see.

Kind of related, while on my recent trip, I was amazed and not a little ticked of at times by Christians ASSUMING that I was against health care and against the president. Whatever I think about health care and the president is NOT decided because “Christian” spokesmen like TV preachers say x, y and z about the issue or the man. I read and think for myself, I do not follow the pundents, I certainly do not follow the radio hosts who hold conferences to sell tickets to hear themselves say the same stuff they say on their shows. Wanna think about it? Listen to “New Law” by Derek Webb, click here.

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