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South Africa scenes

well, since I’m laid up for a couple of days, and the fever is gone… I will post a couple of pix from South Africa… note the new header… in the middle horizontally is a “township”, inside which, live a sea of humanity for whom He came to give life… what is your role for bringing justice? the Gospel?

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the landscape

Rising early yielded this view

we saw this plant growing everywhere, aloe is it?

S.A. is twice the size of Texas… the views were often amazing

The farms would be rightly called ranches.

Here I am at the southern most tip of Africa… note the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet…

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sleeping lions:

ostrich farm:

I am told “This is South Africa” the zebra with an oil refinery in the background:


goats at a gas station petting zoo:

baboons were seen in this field:

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this last pic is of a cemetery… lots of fresh graves: AIDS

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