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600th post – updated

I thought for my 600th post on Kingdom travelin, I’d look back on the last four and a half weeks of travelin…

The Lord blessed our connections and flights and for the first time since 2004, we received our luggage when we arrived in Budapest (Bp)!
Deaf Church was an amazing experience in which such attention is given to the Story of Jesus and the application of the Word to lives and the care given to each soul.

The Deaf School experience in Vac touched the participants hearts for the needs of these kids who cannot hear but see the hearts of the giver of attention. For a few day, our team were visible demonstrations of God’s unconditional love.

Hanging out with Karen was a blessing, Doug and Lea were wonderful hosts and really helped us to see how a couple can serve together in the Lord’s service on the mission field.

The transition to Bp found new friends and saw the gospel at work among folk who are following Jesus in the midst of jobs, school and ministries.

Worshipping at ICF-Szeged was a blessing, Arden’s ministry to university students continues to thrive and grow, building disciples and seeing the Gospel open the hearts of those yet-to-meet Jesus!

Visiting International Baptist Church in Bp was a taste of home, it was great to see the gospel brought to hearts in this part of the ex-pat community.

Hanging out with Joanna was such a blessing as she opened her come and cared for the team and their needs.

Spending the week with Joanna’s students was both fun and informative. It is was so good to see such intentionality at work in conversations and love built between the all these students. A stronger bond will now exist between these kids and Joanna in her second year of teaching in Bp.

Vukovar can always serve as a wake up call for all who experience it. The team was adept at providing further opportunity for ministry as we served with Laci and Keri for a few days. Whether it be teaching, counseling or offering friendship, it was great to see this church continue to touch people in the midst of life and its struggle.

Seeing the team return to USA, I continued my journey in Oxford. I was sometimes hearing, sometimes cloistered away in prayer, sometimes experiencing deep teaching, often resting, enjoying great food, and then being touched by caring brothers and sisters, it was a deeply profitable week for my soul.

Now, in South Africa, I am blessed to hang out with Josh and Abby and the team of church planters that they are a part of. It is exciting to see the Jesus bringing light to this dark place. It is blessed to see this team bringing the gospel into this place that the Lord wishes to touch which has been so hurt by old and deep ethnic distrust and segregation. May this team bring the light of Jesus and be a beacon on a high hill drawing many unto Himself

From the secular darkness of the former communist world to the spiritual darkness of a world still grappling with a deep mistrust, crushing poverty, I have seen the gospel bringing light to needy people like me. The process continues, the journey continues…

Here are some pix from South Africa…

I am struck by the injustice I am observing here…

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