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my last day in the cold on the southern tip of Africa

well, it sure is winter. i am wearing four or five layers to keep warm but i am adjusting, im glad i packed for three seasons… yesterday we saw huge snow on some of the higher mountains, Josh was freaking out!… last night the TV news had pics of a place near here (we are in Cape Town) where they had enough snow on the ground that people were taking their kids so sled on – get this – boogie boards (its a surfing culture)… we saw the southern point and it was really cool… i will post some pix when i get bank to Bp. We stayed in a log house last night that is a guest house of a ministry here… the sleeping was AWESOME (the fam knows how i love sleeping in the cold) and I really woke up in a great mood… in conversation with my friends we agree that the place “feels” different… when they were in school, they were taught that when you live and serve abroad, that you need to find a place that is a refuge, J and A like this place as that type of refuge… so, today we will see the harbor of Cape Town and then I check in at 515 for my trip north to the warmth of Europe (sounds funny to me) (preying friends could pray for my connection of only 1 hour in Heathrow, I don’t expect to get the luggage, but I need to make it!

Animal sightings yesterday: ostrich, zebra, weird cows, lions, baboons, baby leopards, a whale fin, goats, and various different types of birds – oh – aloe grows on the side of the road here… now, out into the beautiful sunshine for a last day in SA.

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