the kingdom of God is (now with pix)

those words of Jesus struck me this morning… “the kingdom of God is…”

I’m just back from travelin… on this trip to visit friends and partners in Ukraine, I was privileged to meet with some awesome servants of God… they are doing such cool stuff for building the kingdom…

 This morning I was struck by Jesus words… here is the context…

“20 Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, he answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed, 21 nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” (Luke 17, ESV) In the original language the phrase “in the midst of you” could be understood as “within you”…

think about that… a follower of Jesus, the kingdom of God is in you… the kingdom is real and alive in you… I suggest reading the chapter for additional important teachings of Jesus, click here

On this trip and the one last month, I was really encouraged by all the kingdom building going on… I think I should try to define kingdom building… I think that kingdom building is anything that invests in people that urges them on to a closer walk with Jesus… I have seen this in Doug and Lea, Mark and Laura, Joanna, Arden, Rob and Donna, Laci and Keri, Roman and Natashya, Ruslan and Anna, Luda, Tanya, Sergie, Anna, Leonid, Anna and many others… these folks are all followers of Jesus in whom the kingdom lives and who are living and serving the King in such a way as to invest in people in such ways that are drawing people to know Jesus, to have faith in Jesus, to trust Jesus, to refuse to let our brokenness get in the way of loving people…

this is building the kingdom of God… see pix from Ukraine

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