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somewhere on this blog, I have talked about the book UnChristian … my pastor has grabbed the importance of this research and has led our church into a series about the six topics that the book discusses…

now –  I am not usually a sermon recommending kind of blogger… but I’m gonna recommend a sermon today… it is a hassle to get through the whole link, download and play thing but if judgementalism is an issue that you care about, I urge you to go to the trouble of listening… a couple of things about the technology… you need to crank it up and listen close, the audio came out a bit low and you should ff to about 2:40 on the ticker to get to audible words (at least that was my experience)… anyhow, go to the church website and then download and listen to pastor Bill. Then maybe you will comment here and we can have a conversation about one of the problems of people – especially Christians… click here then click on the audio link for the 2/24/08 sermon.

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