sorry, it’s been grading and grade time

and I’ve taken some intentional quiet time of late… because as my Fb profile says: I am contemplating my role in the Kingdom… more travelin? probably…

did a talk in chapel today about the woman in Luke 7 and used Jean valJean from Les Mis as an example… I mentioned my testimony and now all the kids want all the details of what happened to me, hc…

anyway, Les Mis has some amazing redemptive images… great story (the show not the book)… hmm… should I read the book??? ANYWAY… Les Mis has great redemptive stories… and they are a fine example of how art can illustrate the Gospel… this makes me think that this show that the Gospel is like this natural thing that should make sense… but for some, it doesn’t… As my Skype status says: I have reading the theological musings of my students… a sign of spring… and there are some sad things to read… it is sad when image bearers of God reject Him because of what “Christians” have done to people… sigh…

May the God of peace break through… so that these image bearers of God may understand it when Jesus says… your sins are forgiven… go in peace…

 Peace from Grace


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7 responses to “sorry, it’s been grading and grade time

  1. Sad when they are looking to Christians instead of to Christ. Christians will always eventually disappoint. People, when “let down” by others, need the first question to be: “God, show me inside of ME the root of my disappointment? God, whom have I judged?” The snake judged God, Eve judged God, Adam judged Eve, and Eve judged the snake…and from there, we have what we have. Until we start asking God where the root of MY own bitterness and judgement is and let Him dig it out, bring us to repentance, forgiveness, and bring the healing blood of Jesus in, as painful as that process will be, we will continue the pattern.

  2. Tuesday I asked my students to write a 200-250 word essay on their worldview. What do they belive in. What do they not believe in and why. Many of them said that they only belive in themselves that they do the good. One student said that he belives in God but he also belive in Buddha. He also said that the hates christians and church because of what stereotypes and hyprocriticalness they bring.
    Im so glad that Jesus was a perfect example. I’m so glad that people followed him and not the pharasiees.. .. (sorry about the typing fast so i dont want any comments about how awful my spelling is)

  3. Adam was judging GOD and not “just” Eve: “It’s the woman YOU gave me”


  4. Yes, Laci! You are absolutely right! I left out that judgement! How often, in our judging, do we judge God???

  5. I disagree with rule 1 when it comes to God. I fully and completely expect Him to fulfill every one of His promises!

  6. Thanks you three for your input… (I’m pretty excited to get 150%!!) I hear what you are saying about all the judging going on… but isn’t in incumbent upon us to hear thier words for what they are?… real cries to understand Him in the midst of and clouded by the confusion created by judgemental and hypocritical humans? And so therefore shouldn’t we respect thier hearts and questions (1Peter 3.15-16) and seek to live as best we can as He fills us and uses us as His instruments to answer those questions… in word and life?… seeking to show them that He is relevant to them now? He IS working, and using people who are humble and admit thier own stuff! The whole world judges, the four of us sure do, and the four of us sure do feel judged. But shouldn’t we be living in such a way to point these blessed sheep to Him? After all, tomorrow is Palm Sunday (in the west) and this week we remember that it is these image bearers of God that He died for. Let us BE DIFFERENT from the Christians who have given Him a bad rep… let us love the sheep unconditionally, judgementalism or none!
    Oh, about rule 1 – it ONLY applies to people reading my blog, human actions, train schedules and liking the food put before us, it does NOT, NEVER has, nor NEVER will apply to Him who gives such good gifts as life and love and you three!

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