prayer: the response of the helpless

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“…helplessness is the real secret and the impelling power of prayer…” [from Richard Foster’s intro to Prayer by Hallesby]

man, that really slaps me in the face… prayer is NOT a required communication with God… it is a time of enjoying Him who made me… I go to Him because I am so helpless… and HE CARES!!! How awesome is that? How cool is it to FINALLY discover that HE CARES, and is ALWAYS there! (sorry for yelling) ANd this is why so many people (especially the American church) just doesn’t get it… it isn’t about doing and asking for stuff to get done, it’s about just being with him… like a helpless baby in the arms of its father…

“Father, I ask not that you do stuff for us, I beg you to make us WANT to pray, to be with you and to experience your grace…”

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  1. Arden

    You would LOVE IHOP in Kansas City. If you can carve out some time, go………………..

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