doors to walk through

ok, so maybe im not back yet… lack or regular scedule does in the bloggin intention…

but heres a thought…

as we travel we have life choices to make… doors open up for us… sometimes lots of doors… so how do we choose which one to walk through?

I vote lots of prayer….

advise from proven advisors who know how to keep their ajendas in check…

and more prayer…

your thoughts?

My friend Mark has his new and improved blog up and running… link on the right!

Our trip is going great… if I could get my palm to sync… id post some pix… aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhh

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One response to “doors to walk through

  1. Arden

    Amen and amen. God WILL show which doors. The need is NOT the call…that’s why we NEED to hear the CALL from God as to WHICH doors HE is CALLING us to walk through.

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