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Meditation: notes in progress

– > Not designed to empty as Eastern mediation teaches… but to fill

– > Not to withdraw from the world… but to engage the world with the fullness of God

To be changed…the way boiling water is changed by a tea bag as the bag sits in the water…

As the bag sits in the water, so should we have the Word of God sit in us… to facilitate the Spirit’s work of changing our nature – slowly – as we sit…

cf Rom 12.1-2
Ps 119.15 (12-16)
Ps 119.48
Ps 46.10
and especially Jn 15.1ff abide

“…stillness is to Bible reading what preparing the soil is to good farming…” (p. 12) read the parable of the soil and rocks…

When drawn to a text “…there is no reason to read on. Instead, we should stop to reflect and to treasure the words, to turn them over and over in our minds, repeating them until the truth which they contain trickles from our head into our hearts.” (p. 12) From our head to our heart: a distance said my some to be the longest journey in the experience of modern man.


Meditation results in repentance and obedience.

Tidying the room… pastor Philip of Kyiv tells us that this is an important practice in keeping away the influence of the enemy.

God give me the desire, for without your desire it is just an exercise.

Ps 34.8

How does the Practice of the Presence of God speak to this????

From Foster, Spiritual Classics, Harper San Francisco and his Celebration of Discipline

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