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a musical trio

Tristan, Kyle and Alex…

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liz and the newell boys

one of the ministries of the traveling trio was being caretaker for the newell boys for a day… here’s Liz on the balcony

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urban life in Budapest

as i walked around in search of cappuccino yesterday morning i noticed this block of flats which has a garden with trees creating a shady space and it made me think of my new friend Atilla who lives and works in Budapest but travels to the country to enjoy nature as often as he can… some folks are unable to take that journey and so this outdoor space is all they have…

…down the street I saw this church which was beautiful on the inside while being kinda typical on the outside…

standing typical on the outside among the urban scheme while inside having the beauty of God… an image of what Jesus did… and called us too…

later on, I went in search of W… over at parlament they had the place cordoned off…

with portable fence and trams! The #2 tram was shut down and the had lined up the trams around parlament to place a barrier along with snipers and Hungarian secret service and police

later all was back to normal and at the end of the no 2 at Margit Hid I watched the usual break dancers…



cool normal, huh?

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