Maybe I’m back – I don’t yet know…

Folks who are looking for a trip update and pix of kids may wish to skip this post, it is a ‘normal’ blog post intended for the blogosphere

So, I’ve been absent awhile… the spring is a crushing time of year for me… hense, as one fellow blogger put it “In the last two months you have posted, maybe, three times”… true, so true… sad, oh so sad… so maybe I’ll begin again… but please forgive if I don’t, there is NO routine in my existance right now… here are a few thoughts I have this morning…

So… I am right now on a trip with a whole bunch of young people right now. Some of them high energy (which begins to approach mine) and others of them just drag… but it is a cool community… the best time for me is worshiping with them… they are a fun group…

On this year’s journey (you knew that word HAD to be in this post, didn’t you?) I am seeing more than before among the people we have come to serve life what Thoreau described when he said… “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Perhaps my eyes and ears are opened wider.

This is the view from the window of the flat I’m staying in for a couple of days in Budapest…

Once again God has taught me through my interactions with people what it is like to be him. To see suffering because of pride in and un-wise decisions… It is His heart to see His children do well, and it breaks his heart when their pride makes them do the unwise, the unnecessary… he wants them to come home, why won’t they?


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2 responses to “Maybe I’m back – I don’t yet know…

  1. Arden

    nice to hear from you again! Nice view.

  2. laciandkeri

    Tom, welome back to cyberspace… 🙂

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