Why praise?

Consider this…

It is good and right to praise God for what he has done. It is biblical to do so. But if we stop there we miss out. For it is easier to glorify Him when there is much to be glad about. And if we focus only on what he has done, we can slip into an attitude of “what have you done for me lately?” From this posture we can slip further into a “gene mentality”. This is where God becomes only a provider of what is we want, like a genie in a bottle. When we do this, we are not praising God, we’re praising what is done in agreement with our wishes. Watch out. This is more widespread than you might think.

This is why we do well to balance our praise, even our prayers, with remembering “his excellent greatness.” Here are some aspects of greatness:

holiness, just, all power, everywhere, all knowing, merciful, gracious, the list goes on.

Worship God for who and what He is as much as what he does. Then, when things aren’t going your way, you can still rightly praise Him.

Glory to God.

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