The news on Earth is not good.

I just had my small daily interaction with my colleague in Ukraine. It was noted that there were ‘just’ two air raids in their part of the country last night. They had to get out of bed and take shelter ‘only’ twice. As their new normal emerges, two air raids in the middle of the night is now deemed small.

Kyiv in February.

Another reality is that, the news doesn’t change. A 2,000+ kilometer front line runs eastward across the south and swings up to the northeast. The battle rages. This is the reality for the foreseeable future.

Map credit: War_Mapper

But these are not the only realities. There is a greater reality.

Trusting God no matter what.

During WW2, in May of 1941, C. S. Lewis was asked to give radio talks to bring some hope to the British people. The Nazis had been bombing Britain mercilessly for 9 months. The first talks were broadcast in August. They continued for some months into 1942. These Broadcast Talks, as they were known, were the basis for His book _Mere Christianity_.

One of the most apt passages from his chapter titled simply “Hope” in this dear volume is this:

“Aim at Heaven and you will get earth ‘thrown in’: aim at earth and you will get neither.”

Nine months of near endless bombings, much of which occurred at night, was the backdrop for these talks that, some years later, resulted in this book.

I hope to ask Mr. Lewis one day if he had Paul’s words in mind, Colossians 3:1-2.

The news of the world is not good.

But the Good News is.

The Good News is that we CAN have hope, IF we turn to HIM in the midst of our struggle, suffering and sorrow.

Aim at Heaven y’all!

Hope in Jesus.

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