In a little while

In recovery from Covid, I’m reminded of a couple of wonderful things:

The going is still slow, but gradually improving. I put in a good half day of study, organizing, and mentoring this morning (even a light 25 minute tramp in the forest!). Then I realized I needed to rest.

Someone has said that rest is how God designed me to know that I am not him.

I love seeing God’s design.

In Peter’s text, I’m reminded of lots of things, way more that I’ll note here. Here’s just one.

…after you have suffered a little while,…

Doesn’t being content in the mercy and grace of God mean I don’t have to hurry?

My caring Father has more to teach me.

So be content to wait.

…the God of all grace… Peter reminds us

…will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

So, trusting in God’s plan for my suffering means I don’t need to “get well soon”. (Though the sentiment is kind.)

Because I know HE CARES FOR ME.

And he cares for you too, whatever is the cause of your suffering. Whether it’s a broken marriage, a wayward child, or betrayal, HE IS WITH YOU AND HE CARES FOR YOU.

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